DriveTech Intelligence

Welcome to DriveTech Intelligence, a DPIIT-recognized startup headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, passionately dedicated to harnessing the power of automotive testing data for the advancement of the industry

Our Vision

We envision a future where pioneering data innovations redefine safety, reliability, and efficiency in the mobility industry

Our Mission

To unveil invaluable insights and patterns within automotive testing data, ultimately enhancing the safety and reliability of future mobility solutions.


Meet Our Leadership


Devendra Jahagirdar (Founder & CEO)

Devendra is a passionate Auto. Industry professional, with more than a decade of hands on experience with In-Vehicle Networks for data acquisition, diagnostics and validation. Devendra has successfully developed and delivered the calibration and fine tuning of multiple powertrains currently in application worldwide.

He has worked in various fields of the domain such as – Production, Engine and Vehicle Testing, After Sales Service, and Vehicle Diagnostics and Calibration; with companies such as – Skoda, Kohler, Tata Motors & FCA.

At DriveTech, Devendra heads the company’s product strategy, emphasizing the identification of key customer needs and envisioning the right solutions for them. Devendra holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and is an avid automotive enthusiast. He and his team won Baja SAE in 2011. Additionally, he serves as a counselor to FMAE for various events happening in India.


Sudhanwa is a seasoned software professional and a leader with nearly three decades of experience in building high performance data solutions that deliver the designed value.

He was the Co-Founder and CTO of CoreView systems for 10 years, where he has created multiple high performance and close-knit teams which have consistently delivered solutions that continue to delight the customers even today. He has also has significant experience in leading the sales operations.

Before his time at CoreView, Sudhanwa led global engineering teams for various products at reputable organizations such as Thermax, BindView, Mimosa, and Iron Mountain. At DriveTech, Sudhanwa leads the company's technology strategy, focusing on developing efficient processes and platforms to provide swift and precise solutions for the Automotive Testing Industry. Sudhanwa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Technology Engineering and has a passion for birdwatching and photography outside of his professional pursuits.