Reliability & Durability Testing 

Reliability & durability testing of vehicle fleets is one of the classic vehicle testing, data acquisition and data analysis use cases. These tests are time consuming and often involve driving test vehicles in remote locations for extended durations. 

A lot of data is recorded during R/D testing, which is equally time consuming to clean, analyze and document. Further managing said data is critical as well. It is not uncommon to see data scattered across multiple locations – network drives, tough-books, pen drives, memory cards etc. This makes it very difficult to retrieve older data when needed and even more difficult to pin-point files containing specific events of interest. 

Ideally, the above process chain needs to be orchestrated in a systematic and automated manner. This is exactly what DriveTech helps you achieve. 

DriveTech’s SierraDT 4xCAN-FD IVN Data Loggers with wireless capabilities help ensure that the test data is recorded with unmatched timestamp accuracy, and that it is securely relayed to a specified network location, neatly segregated and tagged. SierraDT’s universal configuration utility helps engineers adjust device configuration seamlessly and remotely. The UniCon utility can also help engineers configure standalone data loggers of other makes such as – CSS, Influx and more.  

Data acquisition is not the only area where DriveTech can help! Once data acquisition starts, so does the data analysis. The entire data acquisition, management, pre-processing, analysis and post processing is taken care of by DriveTech’s StellarAi data platform automatically. 

Engineers need only to configure the analysis outputs required from the test data. Once data telemetry is established, StellarAi auto-generates near-real-time Dashboards and delivers automated time-triggered reports to all concerned team members. The Device to Dashboard to Reports functionality takes away the engineer’s burden to analyze and manage the data manually, allowing them to focus on technical decisions. 

DriveTech’s offerings help OEMs accelerate the vehicle engineering phases by bring in the power of automation, analytics and data management to testing and DAQ activities. However, this is not all. The StellarAi data platform has a range of data models running in the background that help engineers detect data outliers and anomalous behavior, further improving the accuracy and effectiveness of the data.