SierraDT - In-Vehicle DAQ Made Quick & Simple.

Revolutionize your in-vehicle data acquisition with SierraDT, the plug-and-play In-Vehicle-Network (IVN) data logger that sets a new standard for simplicity and precision.

Versatile Connectivity for Every Need

SierraDT is not just a data logger; it's a connectivity powerhouse. With options like Industrial Standard SD Card, USB 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS, you have the flexibility to choose the connectivity that suits your specific requirements.

Turnkey Data Management and Analytics

SierraDT goes beyond data acquisition. It offers a turnkey solution for data management and analytics, significantly enhancing its value proposition. Make informed decisions effortlessly with SierraDT.

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Value Proposition

Plug and Play with wireless setup

Can be installed directly and configured remotely or records everything by default.

Multiple Connectivity Options

USB 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, and 10Hz GPS.

Custom connectivity can be developed for OEM's SW.

Precision Timestamping

 Precision timestamping of <50ns for all the networks and messages. Accurate analysis of your Vehicle Networks.

Remote Diagnostics

2 way communication via cloud/server for Live Diagnostics from any system to remote vehicles. 

Ready to elevate your in-vehicle data acquisition game?

  SierraDT   is the answer. Discover simplicity, precision, and value in a single device.


4 Channels​


FPGA Architecture


Remote Diagnostic

Rugged Enclosure​: IP65

USB 2.0 Interface​

Wireless Connectivity​


Micro SD Storage: 32 to 128 GB​

Internal Clock​

Pass-thru Support​

Trigger Functions​

Timestamp Accuracy​: < 50ns 

 CAN – Sleep - Wake​

Analog input:2
Digital input:1 & Digital output:1

3 Lin Channels
(Coming Soon)

Secure Data Handling

Data Flow



 Most Value for Money​.

Improved End-Product 

Ease of Diagnostics to multiple users.

High Scalability as compared to
existing solutions​.

Less Post-processing 
(​Pre-integrated to StellarAi)

One product for al IVN

Hardware as a Service​: 
Device Setup, Config. & Data Analytics.

Fastest Service Support​
(Least Down-time)​.

SierraDT Applications


Frequently Asked Questions

Does it support live data viewing?
Yes. SierraDT supports live data viewing. Live data can be viewed through the PC & web utility provided with SierraDT.
Does it support remote configurations?
Yes. SierraDT's web utility allows Users to remotely configure the Data Logger over the internet.
Does it supports two-way communications?

Yes. Two way communication allows users to stream live data, as well as query SierraDT to retrieve specific messages.

How does SierraDT connects to the internet?
Internet connectivity can be achieved by connecting SierraDt to any Wi-Internet connectivity can be achieved by connecting SierraDt to any Wi-Fi hotspot
What is the product warranty?

SierraDt comes with a 1 year warranty

Why us?

Domain Knowledge​

Expertise in Automotive Testing Domain, combined with expertise in building enterprise-level analytics solutions.

Organizational Grasp​​

Deep understanding of org. processes w.r.t vehicle testing & their exact challenges.

Smart Automation​

We follow your analysis footsteps & try to recreate them precisely.

Platform + Service​

Building holistic solutions designed for your engineering success.

Enterprise Experts​​

Proven track record of creating enterprise grade solutions, built to handle big data.

Testing Statisticians​

Strong acumen in Data Science, with understanding of statistical automotive system behavior.