Collaborating to Transform your Automotive Testing

At DriveTech Intelligence, we understand the test data complexities involved in handling, managing, and deriving meaningful insights from your raw data. That's why we partner with you to offer a suite of managed services leveraging the powerful StellarAi platform.

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Value Propositions

Turnkey Data Management

It offers a turnkey solution for data management and analytics, significantly enhancing its value proposition.

Versatile Connectivity

The flexibility to choose the connectivity that suits your specific requirements.

Efficiency Unleashed

Our solution is crafted to streamline workflows, providing the insights you need when you need them.

Built your own 


With the power of AI and ML build your own IP in data analytics for predictive and generative models.

DriveTech Intelligence offers solution for

Automotive Testing Data Management and Intelligent Analytics

What do we offer?

End-to-End Solutions

 From template development to delivering final analysis results, we've got your entire data analysis process covered.

Interactive Customer Request

Engage with our interactive system to place requests and get  personalized solutions for your data challenges.

Time Savings

Our services are designed to save you valuable resources by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining data processing

Rapid Template Development

Our agile team can build and deliver templates in record time, ensuring that you stay ahead of your data analysis    requirements.

Comprehensive Support

Assistance in building templates tailored to your organization's unique needs & Expert guidance in creating analysis models for accurate and insightful results.

Data Acquisition & Handling  

Data acquisition with Plug-and-Play In Vehicle-Network feature of our home device.

Data Managemnt & Analytics of Captured CAN Data.

Why us?


Domain Knowledge​

Expertise in Automotive Testing Domain, combined with expertise in building enterprise-level analytics solutions.


Organizational Grasp​​

Deep understanding of org. processes w.r.t vehicle testing & their exact challenges.


Smart Automation​

We follow your analysis footsteps & try to recreate them precisely.


Platform + Service​

Building holistic solutions designed for your engineering success.


Enterprise Experts​​

Proven track record of creating enterprise grade solutions, built to handle big data.


Testing Statisticians​

Strong acumen in Data Science, with understanding of statistical automotive system behavior.