StellarAi: Your Complete Automotive Testing Data Solution

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional methodologies. StellarAi is the all-in-one Automotive Testing Data Analytics and Management solution that your business has been waiting for.

Tired of Time-Consuming Solutions? Meet StellarAi.

Managing test data shouldn't be a drain on your resources. StellarAi is engineered to liberate your test engineers from the shackles of traditional methods. No more time-consuming processes that steal valuable hours and energy.

Efficiency Unleashed, Confidence Amplified

With StellarAi, your test engineers reclaim their time and energy, enabling them to make critical decisions with confidence at the early stages of development. Our solution is crafted to streamline workflows, providing the insights you need when you need them.

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Value Propositions

 Secure Data Consolidation

All your test data is consolidated at a secured repository, enabling you to make the most out of your data.

Comprehensive Analytics

Unlock the power of in-depth automotive testing data analytics tailored to your application.

Time-Saving Automation

Effortlessly manage and analyze data, saving time for what truly matters—innovation.

Confidence in Decision-Making

Empower your team to make informed decisions confidently, driving development efficiency.

Ready to transform your approach to automotive testing data?

 StellarAi  is the catalyst for efficiency and confidence in every development stage.

What does StellarAi do for you?

Consolidates all your data

All your Data is consolidated in a secure repository; neatly tagged and classified under various projects.

Automates Repetitive Analysis

We map your exact use cases and deploy scripts to Automate Data Analysis & Reports as much as possible.

Brings all teams on one platform.

Native collaboration functionalities enable effective teamwork; reducing need for data handling and sharing.

Automates Report Generation

In-built reporting module helps you create bespoke reports with minimal efforts.

Performs Advanced, In-depth Data Analysis

Leverages its powerful function libraries enabling advanced data analysis & computations.

Analyzes Big Data with ease

Merge & Plot billions of data points across multiple large files; locate specific events across large data sets.

Eliminates Data Pre-processing

Works with all data formats. Analyzes RAW data, manages your DBCs & allows Message to Signal conversions.

​Detects patterns, events, and outliers​.

StellarAi automatically detects patterns, events, outliers; making data analysis quick, thorough & more accurate.

Predictive insights using AI / ML

 StellarAi  is the perfect platform for deploying AI / ML models on your data; helping you derive predictive insights. DriveTech's Applications Developers work closely with your teams to develop purpose built models for your exact use cases and datasets.


Professional Data Management.

Secured Storage

Outlier Detection

Automated Analysis

Data Quality Checks

Pattern Detection

Dashboards and Visualizations

Data Access Innovation

Team Collaboration

Customized Reports

Multiple File Formats Supported

Advanced Computations

One Platform for all Automotive Test Data Analysis processes.

StellarAi consumes test data directly from the source. Data Cleaning, Computation, Visualization, and Reporting are automated by StellarAi, saving you huge amounts of time and efforts.


Hardware Agnostic

StellarAi works with your existing DAQ Hardware and is compatible with all the data formats used in the domain.


No PC Installations

StellarAi Web-platform does not need any PC installations, and can be configured on your in-house servers, or any Cloud computing platform of your choice.


Quick Roi

StellarAi starts generating returns on your investment, from day 1.                                                                 


Easy Adoption

StellarAi provides preset analysis templates that automate bulk of the calculations. Interface is being provided to allow user to create their own templates.

StellarAi WorkFlow

StellarAi follows the sequential steps below to analyze test data:

  • Add Data
  • Define Analysis
  • Review & Share Analysis
  • Get Feedback
  • Generate Reports

Deployment Model

On Private Cloud


StellarAi can be deployed on your Organization's private cloud with - AWS / Azure / GCP etc; and made accessible to you over a secure VPN connection.

StellarAi License Structure

Data Managementrightrightright
Data Quality Checksrightrightright
Visual Analysisrightrightright
Threshold Analysisrightrightright
Analysis Automationsright
Advanced Event-based Data Searchrightrightright
GPS Visualisationrightrightright
Data Merge & Plotrightrightright
Comparative Analysisrightrightright
Collaborative Dashboardrightrightright
Automated Reportsrightrightright
Computed Info Tabswrong
Algorithmic Analysis Templates
Computed Parameterswrongrightright
Centralized DBC Managementwrongwrongright
Message to Signal Conversionswrongwrong
Raw Message Analysiswrongwrongright
Pre-generated Reports *wrongwrongright
AI/ML Prediction Models *wrongwrongright

*: Charged separately on a case to case basis.

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Why Us?

Domain Knowledge​

Expertise in Automotive Testing Domain, combined with expertise in building enterprise-level analytics solutions.

Organizational Grasp​​

Deep understanding of org. processes with regards to vehicle testing & their exact challenges.

Smart Automation​

We follow your analysis footsteps & try to recreate them precisely.

Platform + Service​

Building holistic solutions designed for your engineering success.

Enterprise Experts​​

Proven track record of creating enterprise grade solutions, built to handle big data.

Testing Statisticians​

Strong acumen in Data Science, with understanding of statistical automotive system behavior.