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Automotive Test Data

  • Welcome to the future of automotive testing data analysis driven with Intelligence. Empowering test engineers with our state-of-the-art platform. Redefine efficiency in data management and analytics to drive innovation in every aspect of your automotive endeavors.
  • Our end-to-end connected and intelligent platform streamlines your processes, enabling you to extract meaningful insights effortlessly. Experience the power to do more with less, transforming raw data into a catalyst for success.
  • Forge the future of mobility with precision. Our platform facilitates seamless collaboration among cross-functional teams within your organization. Rapid development and precise testing are within your grasp.

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Key Advantages with our Value Proposition

Early detection of Software Faults

With DriveTech's StellarAi  and SierraDT

StellarAi enables speedy and accurate analytics utilizing the capabilities of automated analysis, fault finding & network statistics like never seen before. Detect your potential faults at early stage to avoid the warranty debits and recalls.

Build and Retain Knowledge from ​Experts

If your automotive data analysis expertise relies on individual capabilities, you run a risk of resource & skillset dependency.
DriveTech's platform helps you to build and retain the knowledge bank for future use, reducing complete dependence on human intelligence.

Extract Insights for Repeatable Future Use

Your test data is a valuable asset if used to the fullest.
DriveTech's solutions helps you derive the most from the test data, for repeatable future use, in learning and recognizing data patterns of powertrain families, tests, failures, etc. by building organizational wisdom.