Intelligent Reporting with StellarAi

16.12.23 10:38 AM

Data analysis often falls short of its intended value unless it's documented in a report. Traditionally, the process of analyzing data and preparing a report involves separate, time-consuming activities. Engineers find themselves toggling between different software platforms—one for data analysis and another for documentation. Much of the reporting process involves manual handling of data analysis graphs and calculations to draft the report. Unfortunately, once created, reports often gather dust and aren't revisited, despite containing valuable insights on encountered problems, adopted solutions, and individual / team contributions. 

At DriveTech, we recognize the need for a more efficient way to prepare reports, and that's where StellarAi, our data analytics platform, steps in. StellarAi comes equipped with a built-in reporting module that automates the bulk of manual reporting activities. This means engineers can now prepare reports within the same platform where they analyze their test data. With just a single click, the visualizations, calculations, statistics and observations generated in StellarAi can be seamlessly added to a report. Other Engineers having access only need to provide comments on various report items, making it as straightforward as filling out a web form. StellarAi takes care of the formatting, alignment, labeling, and indexing automatically, eliminating the need for manual intervention. 

StellarAi goes beyond basic reporting by allowing users to partially analyze the data even within the report environment. Collaboration is made easy, as users can share their reports with team members for feedback and approvals. The real game-changer is StellarAi's automation of report generation for repetitive tests and analyses. Users can configure reports to be generated with a single trigger, whether based on time, file availability, or manual clicks. For instance, reports can be pre-generated as soon as a specific set of files is available to StellarAi. 

To keep users in the loop, StellarAi sends email notifications for any report updates—whether a new auto-generated report is available, comments are added, or approvals are given. Reports can be downloaded in various document formats (.doc(x), .ppt(x), .pdf), and StellarAi tags each report with a word cloud of keywords and project parameters, ensuring easy retrieval and organization in its secure reports archive. 

Just like test data, StellarAi consolidates and organizes your reports, providing an end-to-end solution for testing engineers. It addresses the final requirements of the data analytics process chain, making the entire process more efficient and user-friendly.