Streamlining Network Analysis with StellarAi

24.11.23 01:06 PM


Analysis and managing of post recorded CAN / CAN-FD message logs isn't everyone's cup of tea and requires skilled professionals. CAN / CAN-FD Log Analysis, whether at the ECU development level or the prototype vehicle level, involves delving into ECU architecture, testing, and validation. Still, most of the engineers are only able to do the analysis once the message files are converted into signal files. Currently, in the automotive market the analysis can be done only on single files, or you must concatenate all the files into one and then do the analysis of that file using special scripting. The time consumed in all these activities is too long and hence the solution to the problem is delayed. This also depends on how your PC is set up to run different software. At the end it is the OEM who suffers.


Recognizing the need for a more efficient approach, we turned to our in-house Data Analytics platform, StellarAi. StellarAi empowers users to assess data quality before embarking on their analysis. It also promptly notifies users of any data loss within a file, which may occur due to bus or network issues. Upon uploading the file into the database, StellarAi conducts a quality check, enabling users to have confidence in their data before commencing analysis. Users can gain insights into channel-specific statistics, including message counts, unique IDs, and bus utilization. Further, StellarAi notifies the user regarding the various message types found in the file, such as Diagnostic messages, Negative responses, error frames, response and transmit messages.  

Once the user has a comprehensive understanding of their data, they are better equipped to initiate their analysis, ultimately saving time and enabling them to determine where to commence or whether to discard certain data entirely. Interestingly, StellarAi allows users to manage several messages at once and do complex searches to identify particular criteria in a variety of files. Message to Signal conversion is also managed seamlessly with StellarAi. The Data Base Container Management function allows for centralized management of DBCs and allows conversion of messages into signals using the DBC(s), allowing for further analysis of the data. 


The range of value-added features built into StellarAi offer an end-to-end solution to the Users for CAN / CAN-FD Data Analysis as well as other kinds of automotive test data analytics. The precise nature of the solution resolves the actual pain-points faced by the User; saving time and improving efficiency.