Integrating Test Management and Data Analytics for Automotive Testing

24.11.23 01:06 PM


In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive development, engineers often grapple with numerous challenges, from analyzing test data to managing resources and ensuring seamless inter-departmental coordination. These hurdles can result in delays during the vehicle development cycle. 

DriveTech, recognizing these pain points, offers a comprehensive solution – the 'Test Management Suite' (TMS). The TMS is a versatile cross-platform solution tailored to suit the unique structure and workflow of each organization. It seamlessly deploys on iOS, Android, and existing systems, fitting into any stage of the workflow. TMS is essentially a highly customizable platform that organizations can use to bring their test management online, in a very short amount of time. 

TMS simplifies test scheduling, resource allocation, rig and operator management, lab announcements, notifications, downtime tracking, and daily dashboards. However, the true standout feature of TMS is its integration with DriveTech's data analytics platform, StellarAi. StellarAi revolutionizes testing by automating both the testing process and post-processing of test data. The StellarAi + TMS combination centralizes test data, allowing it to be merged, searched for specific events, and leveraged for automated data analysis. It also offers centralized DBC management, Message to Signal conversions, and benchmarking. 


Collaboration is essential in any test program. StellarAi facilitates seamless & secure data sharing among concerned team members, ensuring that users can collaborate efficiently while maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive test data. The platform also streamlines report generation, automating many manual processes. With StellarAi, users can generate professional reports with just a few clicks. The solution is particularly well-suited for repetitive data analysis tasks, offering pre-built Analytical Templates that simplify report generation. Additionally, StellarAi can integrate with test benches to automatically fetch data after each test. 


The TMS + StellarAi solution empowers users to achieve efficient test management, resource allocation (both human and machine), test data consolidation, automated data analysis, collaboration, and automated report generation. TMS + StellarAi brings a wealth of value-added features, making it an indispensable tool in the automotive testing industry. To explore these features further, visit the link below.