Effective Collaborations and Faster Decisions with StellarAi

09.12.23 01:09 PM

In the present scenario of Automotive Test Data Analytics, a wide variety of software platforms are available that help Users perform the various processes required to analyze their Data. Solutions are available for a range of use cases and problem statements. However, one functionality which still remains unaddressed, is the ability to effectively collaborate with your team while working on the test data. Users generally end up using multiple different software to generate analysis, and conventional channels such as email, shared drives and chats to communicate their findings with their colleagues and concerned approving authorities. Anyone who has been through this knows that it is a time-consuming and inefficient way to collaborate. Naturally, at DriveTech, we decided to change this.

DriveTech’s Data Analytics platform StellarAi is built with ‘Collaboration’ at its core; along with ‘Data Consolidation’ and ‘Automation’. Data Analysis done in StellarAi is segregated in individual Projects. All team members working on a Project would be assigned the said Project in StellarAi. The Test Data collected from various sources under a project is accessible to all the people working on it. Further, in StellarAi Users are able to work in two environments – a private space where they can generate analysis by processing the shared files, and a common environment shared with fellow project team. This common environment is known as Dashboard. A collaborative space where Users can share their work with their peers and colleagues and get their feedback on it. Concerned team leaders can also record their approval / dis-approval of the analysis shared by any User. 

Such functionality eliminates the need to spend time in manually handling and sharing data / analysis. Collaboration, however, is not limited to Dashboards and extends to Report generation as well. Once a data analysis (chart / calculation / statistic) posted on the Dashboard is approved, it can be directly added to a ‘Report’ in a couple of clicks. StellarAi’s Report generation environment allows Users to add comments / observations to a graph or calculation – akin to filling out a webform; without the need to spend time in formatting the document. Once a User has completed a report, they can invite others to review and approve the same, similar to sharing a text / spreadsheet document with your colleagues online. This ensures that the final area of collaboration is addressed as well. Once the report is approved, Users can publish and download the same (in PPT / PDF / Word formats) for offline record keeping. 

Through its built-in collaboration functionalities, StellarAi saves significant amounts of time required for data handling, by facilitating effective team work and thereby faster decisions. StellarAi also brings all data analysis processes under one roof – providing an end-to-end solution for all automotive test data analytics requirements.