Centralized DBC Management

24.11.23 01:06 PM

The contemporary landscape of software-defined vehicles has given rise to increasingly complex vehicle E/E architectures. Such an environment makes it critical to ensure that the database container (DBC) files for each architecture are managed, made accessible and also safeguarded at the same time. The DBC files are the IP of the OEM and need to be secured. However, it is also necessary that the concerned teams within the OEM’s organization and their industry partners are able to access the DBCs and use them effectively to interpret network message files. In short, it is necessary to ensure the following: 

  • Systematic management of DBCs (.dbc / .arxml). 

  • Centralized control on the release / withdrawal of DBCs from circulation within the organization. 

  • Concerned user groups are able to effectively use the DBCs to interpret message files. 

  • Proprietary information contained within the DBCs is secured and shared only on a need-to-know basis. 




Recognizing the importance of the above, DriveTech is proud to introduce for the First time in the IVN world, ‘Centralized DBC Management and Distribution’ with its data analytics platform, StellarAi.  


Our approach involves consolidating DBC management within StellarAi, allowing only a single user or administrator to release or withdraw DBCs. This enables the OEM to notify User groups with the release of new DBCs, mapped with the E/E architectures relevant to them. OEMs can also withdraw obsolete DBCs from circulation, ensuring exclusive ownership. 


The DBC Management feature allows StellarAi users to apply DBCs to message files and retrieve signal data from them. Users can also view channel-wise and file-wise DBC matching percentages along with other statistics, providing a comprehensive understanding of DBC suitability. This also ensures that users do not spend time working with the wrong DBCs. 

Further, the most important aspect of the feature is that StellarAi allows the use of DBCs without allowing Users to view the information contained within the DBCs or allowing them to download the DBCs. This ensures that access to DBCs is secured and DBC files themselves are not circulated physically; maintaining the sanctity of the DBC contents and enhancing the safety of the OEM’s IP. 


DBC Management capabilities have been offered by StellarAi for the first time in the IVN domain and the feature has no parallels anywhere in the automotive test data analytics domain. Using this feature, OEMs can ensure systematic management and control of DBCs on-par with the contemporary software version control methods. DBC Management thus enables OEMs to have absolute control on their hard-earned IPs and safeguard their business interests.