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A Vibrant Diwali Celebration at the Office: Embracing Traditions and Unity

In a symphony of colors and tradition, our office came alive with the spirit of Diwali as colleagues gathered wearing an array of traditional and ethnic attire. Desks adorned with flowers and lights transformed the workspace i...
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DriveTech Intelligence turns 3

In 2020, we set out to revolutionize automotive testing. We knew the importance of automotive test data and the need for powerful, simplified analysis. We started small, solving specific issues in the field, but our vision was always bigger. Three years down the ...
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Awe-inspiring, filled with inspiration and unwavering determination - Sinhagad Fort never ceases to ignite our hearts! During this remarkable team retreat, we had the opportunity to reconnect with history. We took a pause, reflected on our journey, and regained a valuable perspective, fueling our un...

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