​Efficient Troubleshooting of Field Early Warranty Issues with StellarAi


The DriveTech team was tasked with addressing a critical Field Early Warranty issue for one of our valued Customers. The focus was on an Electric Vehicle (EV) experiencing sporadic and abrupt shutdowns. The challenge lay in recording CAN data from the vehicle and swiftly identifying the root cause of the problem.

​Before StellarAi:

Initial attempts involved engineers replicating the failure event and meticulously recording CAN data. However, the sheer volume of data amassed from a single vehicle, totaling approximately ~100 GB across 500+ files, presented a daunting challenge. Each file demanded approximately 45 minutes for thorough analysis, translating to an arduous month-long endeavor to scrutinize all files.

After StellarAi: 

The introduction of StellarAi revolutionized the troubleshooting process. All test data was seamlessly transmitted to StellarAi from the Data Logger via wireless connectivity. Upon data availability, Test Engineers swiftly pinpointed the precise event using StellarAi's Advanced Search & CAN Message Data analysis capabilities.

Furthermore, StellarAi empowered Test Engineers to effortlessly merge and visualize multiple large files, a feat previously fraught with complexity. This accelerated the diagnosis process, significantly mitigating the impact on the Customer's reputation.


Thanks to StellarAi, the Customer achieved remarkable efficiency gains. What previously required over 30 days of data analysis was condensed into a single day. Rapid identification of the root cause of the issue not only expedited resolution but also bolstered the Customer's confidence in our capabilities.