​Accelerating Vehicle Durability Testing with StellarAi


StellarAi, our advanced software solution, was seamlessly integrated into Fleet Durability Testing operations with one of our esteemed OEM Customers. The test fleet, comprising 10 vehicles, diligently collected data over the CAN network during 8 to 10-hour runs each day.

Before StellarAi:

Previously, the data acquisition process was labor-intensive. Retrieving data from CAN data loggers and manual processing consumed a significant amount of time, averaging 1 to 2 hours per vehicle per day. This manual effort was followed by manual data analysis, resulting in higher test to report times – often taking up to 1 week.

After StellarAi:          

With StellarAi in place, efficiency soared. The integration streamlined data management, allowing for the systematic tagging and processing of incoming data packets from DAQ devices installed in each vehicle. Preconfigured analysis requirements facilitated near real-time processing of data at both the Message and Signal levels, empowering the client's personnel.

Moreover, report generation underwent a remarkable transformation. Reports were now pre-defined and scheduled within StellarAi, automating the process. As a result, Test Engineers received auto-generated reports summarizing the previous day's durability test runs promptly at 9 AM each morning.

StellarAi implementation led to significant time savings, with over 65% reduction in data analysis and report generation efforts.

All test data was efficiently consolidated and managed in real-time within the OEM's secure Data Lake.