​Efficient EV Range Testing with StellarAi


DriveTech assisted one of its OEM Clients in conducting Electric Vehicle (EV) range calculations in accordance with the NEDC STP Drive Cycle. This involved driving the vehicle on a chassis Dyno, following the NEDC STP sequence, and recording data via the vehicle’s CAN Network.

​Before StellarAi:

The data logging process resulted in over 100 files, each exceeding 100 MB in size. Test Engineers faced a significant time commitment, requiring approximately 15 to 20 days to manually analyze each file and subsequently integrate the findings to determine the EV range accurately.

After StellarAi: 

DriveTech revolutionized the process by embedding the NEDC standard document directly into StellarAi as an 'Analytical Template'. This innovative approach streamlined the process significantly: Engineers simply executed the template on the test data files, and StellarAi swiftly computed the EV range and other vital statistics in less than 5 minutes.


The implementation of StellarAi empowered the Customer to expedite EV range calculations with unprecedented ease. What once demanded a labor-intensive manual analysis process was now accomplished within a couple of clicks. This not only saved valuable time but also enhanced overall efficiency, enabling Test Engineers to focus on more strategic initiatives.